• Do I need a passport?

    Yes. Absolutely. You cannot leave the country without a passport.

  • What about safety?

    When considering a trip to the Holy Land, the question of safety always comes up, particularly among friends and family of the person(s) wanting to go. I always tell people that the most dangerous part of the trip to Israel will be your time spent in New York! Seriously, every time something happens in Israel, it makes international news. Can you imagine if every time a violent crime was committed in Atlanta or Dallas that it also made international news? No one would ever want to visit those cities if we applied the same logic as some Americans do to visiting the Holy Land.

  • Will we have a opportunity to be baptized in the Jordan River?

    Yes. Those who want to be baptized can be. Others can watch as well as join us in song and prayer.

  • What about clothing?

    The type of clothing you wear is left up to you. Casual attire, such as jeans or athletic pants, and comfortable walking shoes are the best. Also, you will need to bring your bathing suit as we will have an opportunity to swim in the Dead Sea, which is a very unique experience.

  • What about weather?

    Normal mid-March temperatures are in the low-70s during the day and mid-50s in the evening.

  • Where do we fly out of from the U.S.?

    We all gather at a designated New York airport three hours before our flight to Israel leaves the country. Everyone makes their own travel arrangements to New York.

  • How will we get around the Holy Land?

    We will travel on a very comfortable motorcoach. We will also have a personal bus driver assigned to us the entire trip as well as a professional tour guide who is an Israeli citizen and a Christian.

  • How many people do you take on the tour?

    We typically have between 100 and 150 individuals join the tour. However, we divide everyone into groups of 40-50. Each group has its own bus and tour guide, and each individual has his or her own earpiece that allows the guide to speak directly to you in a normal voice. So it feels like you are touring with a group of only 40-50 people. In addition, Tim, his wife Alison, and their sons, Wesley and Walker, will be your hosts.

  • What hotels will we be staying in?

    We usually stay at the Grand Court Hotel in Jerusalem and the Caesar Premier Hotel in Tiberius.

  • What is cost if I want to purchase my own airfare?

    If you want to purchase your own airfare, which allows you to choose your seat, the cost of the tour is $3,695. We use both EL AL Israel Airlines and Delta Airlines from New York to Tel Aviv direct. We will email you the exact flight numbers upon request or after you register for the tour.